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A Good Life

Josh could not resist leaving the big Danforth anchor on the bottom, so he dragged it over next to the boat’s hook and came back up the anchor line to ask permission to raise it. Standing on the ladder, he explained that he had 1800 psi left in his low pressure steel tank and wanted

Always Shake Your Boots

I pride myself on being prepared to deal with any issue that might present itself aboard my dive vessel Tortuga. There are a lot of things that can go wrong at sea like mechanical issues, rough sea conditions and sometimes even violent squalls. Add passengers to the mix and another layer of mishaps can occur;

The Next Big Adventure

Several years ago I attended the funeral of my wife’s Uncle Joe. This week I have had the pleasure of getting to know Joe’s oldest son and his family. We have talked a lot about life and family, some of it included parenting. Joe and his wife Kathy are raising 3 fine young children. The

Understanding the 99%

I am perplexed by the current state of our society, culture and country. The Occupy movement makes little sense to me. I am an honest believer in the idea that hard work and dedication does and should lead to rewards. I have no problem when the “haves” enjoy the fruits of their effort. All I

Take a Backroad

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day in Central North Carolina. The first real cold front passed through with a chilly and rainy day on Saturday. Sunday followed with crisp, clean and dry air. The sun was bright and Saturday’s viscious wind had subsided. There was frost on the window of my 1976 BMW 2002 when

A Mid-Life Crisis

The 2011 dive season is winding down. Between only being booked on weekends and the weather screwing up most of those, I find myself with a little time to write again. It is bittersweet, but in the process, I have been going and cleaning up many of my websites. Those are Tortuga Charters , and the Captain’s Corner blogs. I

You can call me Kenny….

You can call me Kenny if you knew me way back when I was a “Kenny”. As for what I go by now…it depends on who you ask. My ex-wife calls me Kenny just to get on my nerves. Occasionally my brother will call me Kenny. He can, he definately knew me back then. I

Ain’t no Cure for the Wintertime Blues

When I started this blog, I committed to myself to contribute at least two pieces a month. That turned out to be around the 1st and the 15th. Luckily for me, each month so far a muse has come to visit and guided me about what I needed to share. I let myself down and

Tis the Season

The holidays are a mixed bag of emotions for me. I want to embrace the holiday spirit, but I find myself frustrated and anxious. This feeling starts on Black Friday and for the next 20 days or so after Thanksgiving, I intentionally avoid all things Christmas if I possibly can. All the while I try

Life is Fragile

Life is full of challenges. There is no way to avoid them, they come at you without warning and can wreak havoc on what would otherwise be a good day. Most times the challenges are just irritants, but sometimes they are catastrophic. A dear friend of mine lost an 18 year old son to a