Life is Fragile

Life is full of challenges. There is no way to avoid them, they come at you without warning and can wreak havoc on what would otherwise be a good day. Most times the challenges are just irritants, but sometimes they are catastrophic. A dear friend of mine lost an 18 year old son to a car accident in September. Expectedly, he is devastated. I will not dare to suggest I have any idea of what he is going through, and I only try to be there for him in this terrible period in his life.

 I have another good friend that suffered an unexpected massive heart attack in late September, and by some sort of grace was granted a second chance at life. He was without a heartbeat for over 10 minutes and lay unconscious in the hospital for 11 days. He survived what the cardiologist referred to as the “widow maker” and after a triple bypass operation is back on his feet and on the road to full recovery.

These events leave me wondering about the random nature of life itself. Selfishly, I find myself hoping that there is a reason for it all, that something positive will come from that young man’s death and that my other friend will accomplish something remarkable with his second chance.

 I have come to believe in my post midlife crisis era that the only path to happiness is finding it in the little things around you. It also helps to understand that everything has a price, and you are not always paid in money.  I saw a great signature quote on a friend’s Facebook page. It read: “I am not afraid of dying, only afraid of not living.”

I am actively living my lifelong dream of being a Salty Sea Captain.  But it is hard work, it is not very glamorous and the financial reward is minuscule. But for those of us with salt in our veins, the non-monetary rewards are incredible.

Sunrise at the Big 10 Reef

This picture was taken on November 22 on my first Blue Fin tuna trip of the year. It is the little things in life that make the effort of being there worthwhile. 

I spent 30 years in the world of business and I was truly a “fish out of water”. I am at home on the water. Life is fragile, and I am grateful to have had the chance to experience the things I have, and vow to make the best of each day to come. And every day will not bring a marvelous sunrise like this one, some will be cold and gray. Both are a treasure.

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