Ain’t no Cure for the Wintertime Blues

When I started this blog, I committed to myself to contribute at least two pieces a month. That turned out to be around the 1st and the 15th. Luckily for me, each month so far a muse has come to visit and guided me about what I needed to share. I let myself down and missed the January 1st piece and now I find myself in mid month with nary an inspiring subject to cause me to sit at the keyboard and share.

I had planned on helping a friend move his 42’ Trawler from Beaufort, NC to Annapolis, MD the first week of January. I figured that trip would provide a lot of material to write about. Unfortunately, Old Man winter put the kabash on that trip when two low pressure systems collided with an Alberta Clipper over the Chesapeake Bay and proceeded to drop feet of snow coupled with gale force winds all the way up the east coast.

Almost as if the piece was meant for me, I stumbled across a documentary on SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I thought I was just suffering from a stronger than normal case of the winter blues, but here was a diagnosis that I could use to explain my general disinterest in things, lack of energy and sluggish, lethargic movement. Other symptoms include social withdrawal, afternoon slumps with decreased energy and concentration and disinterest in work or other activities. It is somehow liberating when you can assign an official diagnosed disorder to a condition that would otherwise saddle you with guilt about just being lazy and unproductive.

Then it dawned on me. That is nothing but a load of crap. I have been lazy and unproductive this month. Yes, I don’t like winter. It is depressing when it is dark when the alarm goes off in the morning and dark again before dinner. I miss the warm sun on my skin, and I hate it when my finger tips get cold just going from the house to my truck. None of those are valid excuses for being lazy and unproductive. Life is way too short for that and I don’t even want the dull and uneventful days to escape me and my enthusiasm for living. Last week I forced myself to get out of Durham and drive down to the coast and give my boat, Tortuga a little workout. It had been about 30 days since she left the dock. It was cold, but the sun was bright and the water calm and beautiful. I made a little video of my boat ride, and now as I wait for spring to come, I can watch it to feel better. It reminds me of what I love to do and the fact that another season is right around the corner.

Once I had this revelation and gave myself the very much needed proverbial kick in the pants, I began to schedule things that will require me to be active and productive. I am going to the Florida springs to do some technical dive training. I am upgrading my Captains License. I am writing again and hopefully can get my next book well on the way to being published. This morning Betty White was on a morning news/entertainment show. She is celebrating her 89th birthday and promoting her latest television show. Wow!! That is impressive, and I am sure that is why she is still active. She continues to live.

“I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of not living” is a quote that I cannot name the author, but it is one of my favorites. I try to live by those words. I guess everyone is allowed a hiccup or two along the way. I had mine this month, and I am glad I am committed to ending those “Winter Blues”.

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