You can call me Kenny….

You can call me Kenny if you knew me way back when I was a “Kenny”. As for what I go by now…it depends on who you ask. My ex-wife calls me Kenny just to get on my nerves. Occasionally my brother will call me Kenny. He can, he definately knew me back then. I was born James Kenneth Rosemond on August 25th, 1958. The first child to my parents, I am sure Dad wanted to name me after himself, but I was always told that they didn’t want me to be a Junior so I was named after my Grandfather and my father: James Leonard and Kenneth Walker respectively.

The confusing part was that I was called Kenny from birth, although my god given first name is James. That caused more than a bit of stress on the first day of school each year when I always had to explain that to the teacher and the class. Kenny lasted all the way through college, including my high school and college basketball days where I was listed as Kenny on the rosters and in every caption accompanying my picture in the local newspaper.

I evolved to Ken shortly after college when I entered the working world. That lasted about 25 years, and when I published “Hiding on the Bottom” I used my first name James as my pen name. My father played basketball on the UNC National Championship team in 1957 and internet searches for Ken Rosemond always lead to the many published accounts of those glory days. I wanted James Rosemond to have a search result all of it’s own that didn’t get confused with my father’s legacy. Unfortunately I have to share the results with HipHop rapper James “Jimmy the Henchman” Rosemond.

When I started Tortuga Charters, my customer base started as my reader base and since they knew me as James, I just added “Captain” and became Captain James. Now people don’t know what the hell to call me, and sometimes I am not sure exactly who I am. Most friends call me Ken, and people who know me as James and think they are a friend call me Jim. Most customers just call me Captain. My wife goes between Sweetie and “You Jerk”. My kids call me Paps or Captain Pappy, and my stepdaughters call me Tad.

But you can call me Kenny since you knew me way back when.

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